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Recommended Proctoring Procedures

Proctors, please help by updating and expanding on these procedures. Let's make some nice instructions for future proctors!

Make sure to know your

Check in

There are several ways to check students in at the lab. However it's done, it should ensure that each student:

Here's one suggested procedure:

1. As students enter the lab, you record their class, Netbadge ID and planned exam 2. You have them take a seat, with only scratch paper and their UVA ID card on the table 3. Using the information from 1. above, you authorize them in groups by class and planned exam 4. Once everyone has begun their exam, you walk around the room comparing faces to ID photos and ID names to the name appearing in the top right corner of the student's Maple TA screen

Important observations

-- Main.ChristianGromoll - 12 Sep 2008

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