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Welcome to UVaECEWiki,
Documenting and Sharing Information Related to Working in the ECE Department


Welcome to the University of Virginia ECE wiki Main Page

WHAT: This wiki provides an environment for documenting and sharing information related to working in the ECE department. It was started by the ICGroup. At this point, the wiki is only readable and editable by registered users within the UVA community. However, you're advised to still use discretion in regards to the content you post in the event that permissions are changed in the future.

WHY: This wiki is born out of the difficulties and frustration associated with the sharing of knowledge between students, professors, and researchers. Too often time is wasted reinventing the wheel. Students graduate, taking their practical knowledge with them. Professors are busy and often not up to date with the latest software packages and simulation tools. New students fear seeking help from the unapproachable, borderline mentally unstable senior graduate students. This wiki is the Silicon Borg: learn, create...and ASSIMILATE!

WHERE: The easiest link to get you here is

UPDATE: In September 2012 the ECE Dept. took over management of this wiki server. It officially became ECE wiki site for all ECE members, collaborators, and affiliates. In August 2011 this wiki was ported to Mediawiki from TWiki and many pages made public. If you have any questions, email BenCalhoun.

HOW TO START: Anyone can read the public content on ECE Wiki. But one must login to create/edit a page, to register, one must send email to or to request a login on ECE Wiki Server. To learn wiki formatting, visit Mediawiki Cheatsheet or Formatting Help.


This is for linking to and describing good papers/books/articles on relevant topics. It also includes links to pdf copies of the papers and running paper reviews.
Suggested Practice - When you read a paper online, make a wiki entry on that paper and make your notes there.

ECE Main Bibliography

BME Main Bibliography


ECE Classes


ECE Department Related

BME Department Related

Graduate Program Related

Faculty Resources

Computer Software

Main Computer Tools Page - This page contains information about major engineering software tools such as Cadence, Matlab, Spectre, etc.

Main Computer Software Page - This page contains anything about computers that isn't a specific tool for your engineering discipline. Items include: information pertaining to this wiki, Unix tools, and Windows software.

UVa Software Licensing Page - Go here to get licenses/cd keys for any software that you need.

ECE Computing How To - Answers to FAQs provided by the ECE Computer Administrators

Lab Group Research

ECE Recruitment Info

ECE Research

BME Research

LinkLab Research


Integrated Circuit Design Topics


Student/Staff Discounts

Paper/Publishing Related Topics

Computer Assessment

This is for collecting expertise on deploying computer based assessment at UVA.

Proctoring Procedures A page on recommended proctoring procedures in computer testing labs using Maple TA.

Coding Maple TA Questions Tips on writing algorithmic Maple TA questions.

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